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Editor's Note

You've found Kevin J. D'Aquila's Website. I've made this site to organize a bunch of projects and amusing things in one place for the world to see. Make yourself at home, and poke around!

Here for Business? Check out my Resume:
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7/03/2008 - Seems I haven't updated this site in awhile. I've since moved to Hudson, then Marlborough. There's a web server in my home running Payup, but it doesn't have content for this site. These days, my photo album is on Flickr. Also feel free to check out my bookmarks on Thanks for visiting.

6/27/2005 - Well, I up and moved to Framingham, Ma. My webserver sprouted some odd issues, and I decided to let someone else deal with uptime and hardware reliability. So, the site has partially moved to the lovely servers at JTAN. Anything fancy will still be hosted on my own local machine (once I fix it), since my JTAN account only allows Perl/CGI or HTML-kinda stuff. In any case, things will be old and crappy here for a bit while I get things sorted out. Framework's getting gutted soon too.


  • The great summer job search has come to an end. On September 7th, 2004, I was hired by NMS Communications as a part-time intern. I work in the Network Solutions Business Unit on the MyCaller Platform, doing development, bug fixing, and testing work.
  • Also on September 7th, I start my final year at WPI as a full-time graduate student of Computer Science. Check out my class schedule.
  • As of July 26th, 2004, this webserver has been upgraded to run on OpenBSD v3.5!
  • I am continually developing a new digital photo album system. It will have categories, descriptions, and threshold levels (so you don't see the less exciting pictures by default). For now, though, here's some silly photos using my old photo album code:
Worcester Ecotarium Frogs and Otters and Polar Bears...oh my!
Giant Sandwich v1.0 A recent dinner experience
Bancroft Tower Put four of these together and you get a castle
Gilette Castle & Devil's Hopyard Gilette's the guy who played Sherlock Holmes. Had a few bucks, so he built a castle!
Giant Sandwich v2.0 After the success of the first, and renewed government funding, we bring you v2.0!
Giant Sandwich v3.0 We're on a mission. This is the third installment of the Giant Sandwich Project ©.
Giant Sandwich v4.0 Now with 42% more vegetables ... and 183% more cheese!
Wachusett Mountain Tony, Scott, Dave, Oleg, and I ventured up to Wachusett Mountain for some summer wandering.
Giant Sandwich v5.0 You'd think we had something better to do with our lives. Nope!

Construction Progress

To-Do List:

  • Finish custom CSS color-control. Much of the structure was completed last year. I need color balance equations and a control script.
  • Javascript add-on to show CSS color changes in real-time.
  • Tweak and update Frisbee, M6805, and Tutorials Pages.
  • Finish my new Photo Album project!!!
  • Tweak the counter script to be more powerful.
  • Add an MRTG page, and possible more SNMP fun.
  • Add a database driven news system to this front page.  Not industrial strength, but something that serves its purpose on this personal website.
  • Convert my Sufficiency project into a WebTV-friendly webpage under the Projects section.
  • Get some pictures to put here and there, to make things look more interesting.  CSS greatly helps the look of all this plain text, but it's still just text.


  • Added a pictures section. Includes automated thumbnail and organization script. Still under heavy construction!
  • Add a counter (invisible or otherwise, with logging)
  • Fix the color scheme I have: references to color names at this site. They don't always work, especially if javascript is disabled. Noticed this problem in Opera 6. Opera 7 does odd stuff cutting off the right side of these text boxes..
  • Produce a CSS parsing script to implement MACROS, so I can set easily changeable color variables.
  • Change all the CSS boxes to tables for compatibility reasons (Netscape\Mozilla didn't like me)
  • Converted my Sufficiency from a Word XP document into a PDF file. Check out the Projects page, or download it here!

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