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SSHHH! I'm hunting wascaly wabbits!

Time flies with you're having fun

For an outline of my college education, take a look at my course timeline.

Kevin D'Aquila, I am. My website, this is.

Hey all. This is about as much of an autobiography as I think I'd ever want to write.

I'm a graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Instite. Computer Science major, with a minor in Computer Engineering. I'm a participant in the BS/MS program at WPI, and am currently studying toward a Master's degree in Computer Science.

I was born in the...uh...rural town of Berlin, CT (population ~18,000).  Fields, trees, rocks, cows - we got 'em!  Berlin is the geographical center of Connecticut.  I went to Emma Hart Willard Elementary school (which incidentally I can see from my house).  Catherine McGee Middle School (where I learned how to work on power tools for the first time <sniff>, and I also learned how to touch type).  Ah then it was up to the big house, Berlin High School that is.  Won a couple technology awards, took AP/Honors classes, was a co-webmaster of the school's site for a couple years, and graduated with honors.

During the great college hunt I applied to six places: WPI, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Northeastern University, University of Hartford, University of New Haven, and Trinity.  Once the acceptance letters were in it was between WPI and RPI.  A few visits between campuses and my mind was made up - off to WPI!

That was four years ago. Amazing how time undergraduate work is complete! I graduated with distinction, and now hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a minor in Computer Engineering. Still up at WPI though, with a year of Graduate classes left between me and a Master's.

p.s. This is my second serious attempt at a website. It borrows most of the content and flow of the last site, but with a bunch more cool concepts and tools than I knew how to use before.

Bottom line: I'm a geek, and I have the geekcode to prove it!