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Worcester Polytechnic Institute. And Life.

WPI Logo

WPI just recently redesigned their website, and logo. I liked the old logo a lot, but I suppose the change is warranted. The school is trying for a more professional look.

The new motto, however, is another story. It is this: WPI: The University of Science and Technology. And Life. Hrm. Hey, to each their own, but something about that just doesn't seem right to me.

Well in any case, this section will serve as an outline of my time here at WPI.

Past. Present. Future.

A-Term 2000

PH1111 Physics: Mechanics (Calculus Bridged)
MA1023 Calculus III (Physics Bridged)
AR1111 Introduction to Art History

B-Term 2000

PH1120 Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
MA1024 Calculus IV (Physics Bridged)
AR2113 Topics in 19/20th Century Architecture

C-Term 2001

CS1005 Introduction to Programming (C++)
MA2071 Matrices and Linear Algebra I
AR3112 Modernism, Mass Culture, & Avant Garde

D-Term 2001

CS2005 Techniques of Programming (C++)
PH1140 Physics: Oscillation, Waves and Optics
AR2111 Modern Art

A-Term 2001

EE2011 Intro to Elec. and Computer Engineering
CS2011 Intro to Comp. Organization and Assembly
HI1332 Introduction to History of Technology

B-Term 2001

EE2022 Intro to Dig. Circuits and Comp Eng.
MA2611 Applied Statistics 
SUFF "Frank Lloyd Wright's Skyscrapers"

C-Term 2002

CS3013 Operating Systems
EE2801 Foundations of Embedded Comp Systems
MA2201 Discrete Mathematics

D-Term 2002

CS3733 Software Engineering
EE3801 Advanced Digital Logic Design
CS2136 Paradigms of Computation

A-Term 2002

CS4241 Webware: Comp Tech for Network IS
SS1510 Introduction to System Dynamics
CS3043 Social Implications of Info Processing

B-Term 2002

CS2223 Algorithms
EE3803 Microprocessor System Design
IQP Project-404: R.E.I.E.F.S.

C-Term 2003

CS4515 Computer Architecture
CS3133 Foundations of Computer Science
IQP Project-404: R.E.I.E.F.S.

D-Term 2003

CS4341 Artificial Intelligence
CS3431 Database Systems
IQP Project-404: R.E.I.E.F.S.

A-Term 2003

CS4731 Computer Graphics
CS578 Cryptography and Data Security
EE4801 Advanced Computer System Design
MQP Security Hardware

B-Term 2003

SS1130 Introduction to Econometric Modeling
CS578 Cryptography and Data Security
MQP Security Hardware

C-Term 2004

CS4514 Computer Networks
CS525 Mobile Data Networks (Wireless)
MQP Security Hardware

D-Term 2004

CS4513 Distributed Computer Systems
CS525 Mobile Data Networks (Wireless)
EE3810 Advanced Digital System Design