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The Wonderful World of Programming.

I've been exposed to many different computer programming languages here at WPI, in addition to dabbling in some stuff on my own. I actually started learning to program on an Apple IIe in BASIC, many years ago. Right now, I have experience in: QuickBasic, Visual Basic, C, C++, Java, 8086 Assembly, PIC Assembly, Perl, HTML, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets. My favorites are on two ends of the programming spectrum; 8086 ASM and Perl.

Assembly is all about structure - everything you do is at such a low level that you have complete control over what you are doing. The trade off is that it will take a RIDICULOUS amount of code to do anything complicated. Now Perl, on the other hand, is almost the opposite. There are seemingly endless ways to accomplish a task. If assembly takes 150 lines to execute a complicated procedure, Perl can do it in ONE. I love how Perl allows an almost artistic flexibility to how you go about coding things. Some days, though, I get lost in the freedom, and find myself missing the strict structure of assembly.

I certainly have nothing against good old C++, though Perl makes it seem boring. Object oriented programming in Java is wonderful in certain situations, but it takes a lot of effort to correctly design something from the get-go.

Oh yeah, HTML and things like Javascript are great, if only every browser followed the standard!!! I find it difficult juggling incompatibilities, instability of certain methods, the possibility of a client disabling certain features, bounds of resolution and color depth, text size and formatting customization at a browser level, compatibility with text mode browsing, visual aesthetics, and the like.