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Projects - The Proof's in the Pudding

I have just graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. How did I get there? With a billion projects, of course! It has always been stressed at WPI that the best way to learn is simply by doing. These are a select few of my show some of what I have done.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Core Projects

Here at WPI, we have to complete three projects independently of coursework to graduate.

1.) Sufficiency: The Suff is a culmination of study in the Humanities and Arts. Students take five thematically-related classes , then spend a term completing a project. In my case, it was a written paper. I chose to write about my favorite architect: Frank Lloyd Wright. Specifically, his little-known work on skyscrapers. Download my Sufficiency
Sufficiency Report
[988 KB | 25 pages]
2.) Interactive Qualifying Project: The IQP is a study of how technology interacts with society. My IQP Project spanned 3 terms, or 21 weeks of the 2002-2003 school year. My group's project is entitled: Results of Electronic Information Exchange in a Free Society. Download my IQP Report
IQP Final Report
[7548 KB | 132 pages]
3.) Major Qualifying Project: Here's the culmination of an undergraduate degree. This project is done in the field of a student's major. My group designed and built a prototype electronic lock system, using cryptography and smart cards. Download my MQP Report
MQP Final Report
[5732 KB | 108 pages]


C or C++ Projects

CS4513 - C / Kernel - Linux System Call File System Modification
CS4514 - C / Threading - Networks Sliding Window Project
CS4731 - C++ / OpenGL - Computer Graphics OpenGL Demo and Method Re-Write
CS3013 - C / Threading - Proj4: Threading File Stats and Web Caching
CS2136 - Prolog - Prolog AK 3rd Floor Project
CS2223 - C++ - HW4: Minimal Spanning Tree w/Kruskal's Algorithm

Java Projects

CS4513 - Java / RMI - Distributed Java RMI
CS3733 - Java - Kombat Spider Solitaire
Spider Design Doc

Perl/CGI and SQL/Databases Projects

CS3431 - Perl / DBI / MySQL / Oracle - Databases Project (Works on WPI)
CS4241 - Perl/CGI - Stocks Application (Broken Now)

Embedded Systems Projects

EE4801 - Custom-wired 8088 Motherboard
EE3810 - VHDL CPLD Rocket Launch Controller State Machine

EE3803 - Lab3: JDR ISA Board 8086 ASM Interrupt Handling
EE3803 - Lab2: JDR ISA Board and Null Modem Communication
EE3803 - Lab1: 8088 ASM Chess Game w/Addressing Modes

EE3801 - Lab5: Keypad Scanner
EE3801 - Lab4: FPGA Sequence Detector State Machine
EE3801 - Lab3: FPGA Roll-A-Die Counter
EE3801 - Lab2: Light Chaser State Machine (ICs)
EE3801 - Lab1: Logic Minimization

Papers and Presentations

CS525 - Analysis of 802.11b and 802.11g performance
CS578 - SmartCard Presentation
CS3043 - Social Imps "Quality, Reliability, Liability, and Safety"
CS4514 - Distributed Presentation

Personal Projects

Antec Lanboy project
Personal Website
Digital Photo Album
CSS Macro System
XHTML Validation
Midiland Speaker Control Box
64-Bit Laptop Install